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Tomicarama Vintage 05b Tire Stores (Bridgestone)

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Tomicarama Vintage 05b Tire Stores (Bridgestone)

Scale: 1/64

Popular New version of Tomicarama Vintage

New version added to TOMICARAMA Vintage Tire Shop. It's Bridgestone color version. Popular BS mark,logo, etc. which images classic car shop are included. Lift, Sleep plate, figures, flap and label are included. You can create tire exchange or car maintenance scene or apply your favorite labels. It is perfect to play with LV 185c Porter Cab Bridgestone release in the same month.


1/64 scale ABS

Structure(Painted・Semi Assembled)

1) Bridgestone spec in show era

2) Size after assembly

235mm(Width)× 236mm(Length)

3) Lots of parts, Labels included

Includes popular garage lift

Adjustable height in 3 steps

Movable arms to show working scene