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Diocolle 64 Car Snap 02b Car Wash

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Diocolle 64 # Car Snap 02b Car wash


Scale 1/64

● Figure + accessory set
-Comes with a special miniature car!
● Take various pictures and use them on SNS!

A set with the theme of car wash. Includes figures of a dad wiping the body, a girl sprinkling water, a boy playing on a bicycle (BMX), and a lying cat. Faucets, hose reels, etc. can also be combined.

【set content】
① Honda Civic 25X ・ S-Limited (Tomikari Limited Vintage NEO)
② Bicycle (BMX)
③ Faucet
④ Hose reel
⑤ Bucket
⑥ Boy figure
⑦ Girl figure
⑧ Dad figure
⑨ Cat
Recently, "shining" photos using minicars and toys have been suddenly gaining momentum on SNS. An increasing number of people are enjoying various ideas, such as combining them with figures and scene items, rather than simply shooting them. Therefore, Tomytec proposed 1/64 scale GeoColle 64 # Car Snap.